The Meigs County Historical Society is happy to assist in genealogical research. Please feel free to email, or hard mail your research requests to the addresses listed above.  



For other information please contact one of the following agencies:

Meigs County District Public Library

216 W. Main Street

Pomeroy, OH  45769

(740) 992-5813

Meigs County Health Department
112 E. Memorial Dr.
Pomeroy, OH  45769
(740) 992-6626


Meigs County Court House
100 E. Second St.
Pomeroy, OH  45769
Probate Court - (740) 992-3096
Recorder's Office - (740) 992-3806

Chester-Shade Historical Assoc.

46454 S.R. 248 / P. O. Box 5
Chester, OH 
(740) 985-9822

Meigs County Genealogical Society

34465 Crew Rd.

Pomeroy, OH 45769

(740) 992-7874

The Meigs County Historical Society & Museum also houses a genealogical library that contains various family genealogical records and other books pertaining to genealogical research. The genealogical records are available for research during regular museum hours and are located in the Robert Wingett Memorial Conference room at the Howard & Geneva Nolan Meigs County Museum Annex.

Note: The Meigs County Commissioners are currently digitizing various records at the courthouse and should have them online soon for genealogical and historical research. They were also kind enough to allow the Historical Society to scan our index books and a few of our oldest records. We hope to have our digitized indexes online soon to make genealogical research easier.


The following is a list of locations of records in Meigs County:
Birth Records
            1867 - 1908 - Meigs County Museum
            1909 to the Present -  Meigs County Health Department
Death Records
            1867 - 1908  - Meigs County Library and The Meigs County Museum
            1909 to the Present -  Meigs County Health Department
Deed Records
            Recorder’s Office, Meigs County Court House
            Probate Court, Meigs County Court House
Marriage Records
            1819 - 1930 Meigs Museum
            1819 - 1913 Meigs County Library
            The Meigs Museum until 1856
            1857 to Present - Probate Court, Meigs County Court House
Cemetery Records
            Meigs County Library And Meigs County Museum
Census Records
            Meigs County Library and  Meigs County Museum

Tax Records

           Auditor’s Office, Meigs County Court House

Online Genealogy Research Links

LDS Genealogy Many records for Meigs County OH genealogy can be found here.* - Discover what makes you uniquely you. *Fees may apply. 

Genealogy.comSearch billions of records to discover more about your genealogy.

Ohio Obituary Index The Ohio Genealogical Society

Pioneer History of Meigs County - This is an online edition of the 1908 book by Stillman C. Larkin. A text copy is avaliable for purchase at the museum. 

Online Probate Records

Tax Records

Additional tax records can sometimes be found using search phrases such as Meigs County, Ohio Genealogy Tax Records in online catalogs like:

Vital Records

Vital records consist of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Although Ohio enacted a statute in 1856 -1857 requiring registration of births, deaths and marriages, many counties did not comply. A second law was written in 1867 but, again, was not always followed. By 1908, the law was more clearly defined and kept. Any existing birth and death records from 1867 through December 19, 1908 are located at the Meigs County, Ohio Genealogy Probate Court. The Ohio Department of Health has birth records filed after December 20, 1908 and death records filed after January 1, 1954 while the Ohio Historical Society houses death records from December 20, 1908 through December 31, 1953.

Original marriage records are held at the office of the Meigs County, Ohio Genealogy Probate Court with divorce records located with the Meigs County, Ohio Genealogy Clerk of Courts.

See also How to order Ohio Vital Records or order vital records electronically online.


Online Death Indexes and Records

Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953 Free name indexes and images at FamilySearch. Records include such information as birth date of deceased, city, county, and state of death, name of spouse if married, names of parents, maiden name of mother, name of informant, if deceased was single, married, windowed or divorced, occupation of deceased. Finding More Vital Records

Additional vital records can sometimes be found using search phrases such as Meigs County, Ohio Genealogy Vital Records in online catalogs like:

Other Helpful Genealogical Websites

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